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Who we are & what we do

About us
Our Company founded in 2013 under the title of Modafit Textile Clothing Industry Trade Co. Ltd , targets continuously to improve customer satisfaction and maintains its service thanks to its policy open to innovation with 20 years of experience.
With our experienced and conscious team, consisting of average 40 staff, we adopted as our principles to comply with international legislation, to address the needs and expectations of the customers, to improve our quality and management system and to satisfy the needs and other required resources and equipment for the staff who owns fundamental skills, education and experience so that we can provide the best product and service in textile industry.
In line with our principles, we continue to produce Men's and Women's shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts and basic t-shirts.
You can view our products on our website.
In textile industry where the companies make the difference with their rapid and high quality products, Modafit having 65,000 shirts, 50,000 polo t-shirts and 70,000 basic t-shirt production capacity in per month is able to ship within 6-7 weeks in average